Phyllis Rock is the career counselling expert behind the Second Bite. Her philosophy is to adopt a personal and pragmatic approach to help you determine your career objectives. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that you are meeting your personal and professional life dreams aligned with your values.

Phyllis is uniquely qualified to ensure a successful outcome for you given the following:

  • She has an extensive background in human resources where she held various senior human resources director level positions in major institutions and a top media company for over 20 years. She has recruited and interviewed at all levels within a variety of organisations, which provides direct insight into what characteristics employers look for in a candidate. This is invaluable when preparing a CV and for your interview process.
  • Phyllis is also an experienced and qualified career counsellor. She can help you discover what you want out of work and how to achieve it through the use of various psyhcometric and assessment tools, which she is qualified to administer, such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.
  • Phyllis has a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology from Columbia University (put simply the study of the relationship between people and the world of work), which enables her to help people examine their role in relation to their job performance and their satisfaction at work.
  • Phyllis took the “second bite” at her career herself in her late 40’s and changed careers from being an HR Director in large organizations where she managed teams of people (up to 250) and had responsibility for over 10,000 employees to setting up her own company and becoming a career coach and published author.